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At Paradise Pools & Plaster, we specialize in turning those dreams into reality. With years of experience in pool design, construction, and maintenance, we are your go-to experts for all things pools.

Dive into a world of endless possibilities with Paradise Pools. Let's make your backyard the paradise you've always dreamed of. Contact us today to start your journey toward an unparalleled aquatic experience.

  • Pool Maintenance

    Enjoy your pool more. Schedule your pool maintenance today and dive into hassle-free enjoyment.

  • Pool Renovations

    Revitalize your pool and transform your outdoor paradise - request your pool renovation consultation now.

  • Pool Supplies

    Stop in for a wide selection of top-quality pool supplies, including chemicals, filters, pumps, cleaning equipment, & pool accessories.

  • Pool Plaster

    Transform your pool into a shining oasis with our outstanding pool plastering services. Request a free estimate today.

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  • Pool Building

    Make your dream pool a reality. Consult with our expert pool builders today and create the perfect escape in your own backyard.

    Pool Building
  • Pool Repairs

    Bring your pool back to life by scheduling a professional repair service. Ensure that your pool is in excellent condition for hours of uninterrupted fun.


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From Cleaning to Building Your Dreams & Design

Give us a call. We will determine how we can help you best. Whether you need weekly pool cleaning and maintenance or you need to build your dream oasis, we'll bring our pool experience to your backyard.


Quality Pool Service

Schedule a free consultation with our experienced team. We'll create a customized plan that meets both your aesthetic goals and your budget. Our focus on quality, timeliness, and transparency means you'll be well-informed and satisfied with your service.


Enjoy Your Oasis

Dive in for a refreshing swim and simply sit back and relish the tranquility of your pool. Paradise Pool and Plaster is always here for your pool needs. After all, life's a beach; your backyard should be your slice of paradise.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have my pool serviced and maintained?
To get the most enjoyment and longevity from your pool, we recommend regular weekly or maintenance to ensure optimal cleanliness, water balance, and equipment functionality.
How much does pool maintenance and repair typically cost?
Pool maintenance and repair costs can vary based on factors such as pool size, location, and the extent of repairs needed. The best first step is to give us a call for a personalized quote.
Why is it important to clean heated pools?
Cleaning heated pools is crucial for several reasons beyond just maintaining a pleasant swimming experience. Firstly, warm water is a more conducive environment for the growth of algae and bacteria, making it especially important to regularly balance chemicals and sanitize the pool. Secondly, the combination of heat and chlorine can lead to faster evaporation of water and chemicals, requiring more frequent checks to maintain proper levels. Lastly, heated pools often see more year-round usage, leading to quicker wear and tear on pool surfaces and filtration systems, making regular cleaning and maintenance vital for prolonging the life of the pool and its equipment.
How do I know if my pool requires repair or if it's just a maintenance issue?
If you notice any persistent problems like leaks, malfunctioning equipment, or significant changes in water quality, it's best to give us a call. We will have a professional pool technician assess the situation and determine if repair work is needed.
What services are included in routine pool maintenance?
Routine pool maintenance typically includes:
  • Vacuuming
  • Scrubbing
  • Skimming
  • Emptying skimmer brackets.
  • Checking and adjusting chemical levels.
  • Inspecting equipment.
  • Ensuring proper filtration and circulation.
How long does it take to repair common pool issues?
It depends on the specific issue. Minor repairs may be completed within a day or two, while more complex repairs or equipment replacements may take longer. As your professional pool maintenance and repair company, we can provide a timeframe based on the specific repair needed.
Why is it important to have my pool cleaned every week?
Cleaning your pool weekly is essential for maintaining a consistently safe and healthy swimming environment. Waiting two weeks between cleanings can allow chemical imbalances, algae growth, and debris accumulation to reach levels that are not only harder to correct but can also be harmful to both swimmers and pool equipment.

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